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I am very proud to announce the opening of my parents brand new Nutrition Shop. Heroes Nutrition in Acworth, GA. Heroes Nutrition sells Herbalife products specifically plant-based protein shakes and energy boosting teas.

What I love about this shop, (other than my parents own it) is that the name originated from the chaos of COVID-19. They saw that everyone was capable of being an hero. That included frontline workers, such as doctors, nurses and paramedics, to teachers, and our military personnel. So to honor that every hero (everyone) deserves good nutrition to continue their plight to saving the world!

The shakes are really good! I enjoy a good clean protein shake. I usually have one every morning for my breakfast. I add some MCT oil if I’m on my Keto diet. I also like the hot tea, lemon and cinnamon are my favorites.

If your in the area, please stop by and pick up a cup and give it a try. I may see you there, since I am the first employee LOL! Once they are officially open you can start your order by clicking the button below.

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