Keto Diet – Not a fad. I’m a fan!

I know there are many people for and against Keto, I am all for it. It has the perfect balance of nutritious foods in a way that is effective for weight loss, maintenance and weight gain. I have been on Keto since before the New Year and my results (I will share soon) are amazing. I lost weight very quickly without going to the gym. I am working out now and the results are getting even better.

At first I found Keto to be difficult but after the first week I had my routine and regimen down. I felt compelled to share this newfound lifestyle change should be shared with others. It is truly remarkably easy to do. Let me help if you want more information on keto, get my e-book, “Keto“. If you would like to start Keto get my other e-book “The Keto Work Book“, it is the ultimate guide for beginners, get your macros and go for it.

Focus on the 80% and the 20% will come. (80% nutritious food/ 20% exercise)